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Essential Equipments Which Needed For Mobile Photography

Mobile Photography has a huge impact on photography field these days. Actually, you can take amazing photos with your smartphone without using a DSLR. With the uprising of social media in the modern world, Mobile Photography has huge popularity among the people right now. So if you are a Mobile Photographer then this article will help you to increase your Mobile Photography skill. So here is some external equipment that you can use as a super help for Mobile Photography.  You can buy them from most of the online stores for less cost.

Cleaning Cloth

In every photography type, the cleanliness of the camera lens is a must. Because the lens does the best part here. Without a clean lens, you cannot get a clear image to the camera sensor. So you have to have a clean clear lens to take photos. Now you need to find something to clean the lens. So for that, you can use a Fabric Cleaning cloth to clean the lens. These clothes have the ability to remove all the fingerprint marks, Dust in the camera lens. Do not use normal clothes to clean the lens of your camera. Sometimes they will harm your camera lens. So keep in mind to use a Micro Fiber Lens cleaning cloth to clean the lenses.

There is another thing that you can use to clean the lenses. It is Moist Cleaning Wipes. These come as packs. You may have used the wet tissues. These are like them but specially made for cleaning the lens of cameras. These are very safe and more effective. Also, you can use them to clean your Smartphone screen to get a clear viewfinder. You can buy a pack of moist lens cleaning wipes for a less cost.

Remote Triggering

Normally Mobile Photographers don’t use the shutter button in the smartphone screen to take photos. Because most of the times it kills the frame of the photo. So all of the photographers use volume keys to click the photo. So when comes to the Remote triggering, you can use your handsfree as a remote trigger to take photos. You know that handsfree has volume keys too. So you can use them to as shutter buttons. The use of Remote Triggering is when you use the volume button in the smartphone you will give a shake to the smartphone and then it will affect the photo. But when you use a remote trigger you that shake to the smartphone never occurs. So the photo will come nicely. So that’s the reason for using remote triggers.

There are Bluetooth remotes that you can connect to your smartphone to take photos. These are better than the handsfree.

External Lenses

You cannot change the lens of your smartphone. But you can use an external lens to take photos. There are few types of external lenses. Some are zooming lenses, Some are wide lenses, and there are more. So you can use them according to your purpose. Mostly these external lenses come as Clippers. You can easily clip the lens to the camera of your smartphone. Sometimes these lenses come with a back cover for the smartphone. These lenses are not expensive to buy too.


Gorilla pad is like a tripod which you can easily set your smartphone for a steady shoot. But the difference is these gorilla pads have the ability to change their limbs to any position. You can bend them straight them as you want. This is a great way to stabilize your smartphone to take a clean shot.