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Android Photography – Start With Your Current Android Smartphone Part 2

Use your flash as a final resort

It’s typically aforesaid that photography is simply the mastery of sunshine. that is even more true on smartphones with small camera sensors that struggle to require in offered lightweight. in an exceedingly dark or mixed lighting scene, it’s going to be attractive to show on your camera’s flash — however resist the temptation! The flash is often too bright and too direct to be used anytime you have got a theme getting ready to you, fully laundry out everything with bright white lightweight. At a similar time, it isn’t sturdy or diffuse enough to figure properly to fill a bigger house.

The LED flash is best used as a torch, not for photography.

Instead, move around your phone or your subject (when possible) to regulate the sunshine rather than looking forward to the flash — you will take higher photos whenever. additionally detain mind you’ll be able to use tap-to-focus in most cameras to reset the exposure on a selected purpose — typically times that is all it takes to induce the lighting right your subject rather than the background that you just do not extremely care concerning. you’ll be able to additionally use post-processing from apps like Google Photos or your phone’s gallery to decorate a photograph when the very fact.

With the introduction of dedicated “night” modes in smartphone cameras, our LED flashes area unit best used as flashlights to examine within the dark than for any photography purpose.

Consider a mini stand

You’ll notice that i am not mentioning a selfie stick. Show yourself some respect and find a stand with a smartphone holder instead. There area unit nice low-cost models everywhere the place, starting from straightforward stiff-legged models up to ones with versatile legs and magnets within the feet. combine it up with a smartphone clamp and you will be discovered to require every kind of photos.

Even a mini stand can at once elevate your ikon quality.

Tripods area unit helpful for self-portraits while not having to resort to a selfie stick, however may seriously improve your low-light shots and in fact long exposure or timelapse photos simply by supporting your phone for some seconds or a moment. a small stand that folds up and fits in an exceedingly pocket will widen the vary of your photography capabilities.

Even if you do not need to hold around a stand with you, take these same principles into thought once you take photos. Any time you’ll be able to keep the phone still on a solid surface, your photos can improve. despite however stable you think that your hands area unit, they don’t seem to be as solid as setting the phone on a hard and fast object. prop your phone against a railing, touch a wall or balance it against a bottle — any further little bit of stability can improve your photos.

Use a photograph backup service

None of those tips assist you in any manner unless you are backing up your photos thus they are safely traced off of your phone. you’ll be able to take an amazing ikon, and even share it out on social networks, however you actually ought to have a backup of that original. one version on your phone isn’t a backup or a duplicate — you wish that ikon traced to a second location.

A single version of a photograph unbroken on your phone isn’t a backup or copy.

Google Photos may be a fantastic alternative with each free and paid backup tiers, on the other hand there is Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, Amazon Photos and unnumerable others. the most effective services area unit ones which will make a copy frequently and mechanically — you do not need to depart backing up to your ability to recollect to try to to it manually!

An added bonus of employing a cloud-based ikon backup service is that you just haven’t got to fret concerning transferring photos to your laptop or having troubles sharing. each one of those services offers a web-based ikon viewer thus you usually have access to your archive of photos, and sharing via an easy link makes that method a breeze.

Go take some nice photos

With the following pointers in mind, and a bit preparation with a replacement app or even an adjunct sort of a stand, you will be taking higher photos and backing them up to fancy for years to come!

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