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Now in the modern world, everyone has a smartphone. So, all of them have good cameras. People tend to take pictures with the camera of the smartphone instead of using an external camera like DSLR. They take photos and upload them to social media easily. But some people try to use this smartphone camera photos to another level. It means some of the people try to do Mobile Photography at a higher level. This Mobile Photography came to the fore with the arrival of high-quality cameras in smartphones. So anyone with a passion for Photography who can’t afford to big camera stuff can do Mobile Photography with their smartphone.

Mobile Photography

With the time Mobile Photography became a huge part in the Photography field. The best thing about this is you don’t have to have lots of things to do Mobile Photography. Just with the camera of the smartphone, you can take amazing pictures. Good talented people take amazing pictures with their smartphone.

In the Mobile Photography, there are 2 types. They are Android Photography and iPhone Photography. Actually, the idea of both types is the same but with the difference is the device that you use. Android photographers use the smartphones which have Android OS. So the iPhone Photographers use Apple iPhones to take photos. Mostly iPhone Photography is more popular than Android Photography. The reason is iPhones have good cameras and good color qualities.

Best Tips for Mobile Photography

So if you are a beginner for the Mobile Photography then there are few tips that you should know about. After learning those you can easily take amazing pictures with your smartphone. However, you should have a passion for this to have an incredible output. So here are the tips.

Clear Lens

First of all, you should clean your smartphone camera’s lens before you take the photos. The reason for it is the lens of the camera gets dirty easily. When it’s dirty the photos not clear.

Setting the Focus

You have to focus the camera on the points that you want to highlight in the picture. If you are taking small objects or things then select macro focus feature.


Set the exposure before taking photos. Exposure defines the brightness or the darkness of the photo. So according to your requirement, you should change it.


It is important to do not use the Digital Zoom feature when taking photos. Because when zooming in mobile photography it loses the quality of the photo. So never use the zoom.

Steady Camera

You should keep your camera in steady without any vibrations. The unsteady camera always gives a bad photo. So try using a tripod or do not shake your hands when taking photos


Background of the photo takes a huge part in the final photo. Normally don’t use distracting backgrounds when you want to focus something in the front.

Multiple Shots

Always keep in mind to take several more shots. So with more photos, you can easily select the best one. Normally we can’t take the best photo in a single shot. Therefore we have to take some more to identify what is the best.


Panoramic photos are really valuable when you are in a viewpoint or something like that. So use them according to your preference.